Dado que hemos comenzado a ofertar sesiones de Reiki en inglés, a continuación os ofrecemos una breve introducción a esta terapia energética.

Reiki is a natural healing system based on the canalization of energy by means of the laying on of hands. The vital universal energy canalized provides balance and harmony on all levels.

I’m aware that this definition may be too mystical for those of you who are not familiar with this energy of love. Beyond the energetic level, Reiki is based on five fundamental principles.
Kyo dake wa (Just for today):

  • Okoru-na (Do not anger)
  • Shinpai suna (Do not worry)
  • Kansha shite (Show gratitude)
  • Goo hage me (Earn your living honestly)
  • Hito ni shinsetsu ni (Honor your parents, teachers and elders)

Maybe now you have understood why I defined Reiki as “energy of love”. If we all applied these simple principles in our everyday lives, we would have happiness within our grasp; we wouldn’t see it as an utopy. If we really want to make others happy, first we have to find happiness and unconditional love within ourselves.

We all can become Reiki practitioners. With constant work and an unconditional commitment we will discover a path that leads directly to our heart. Now we just have to give it a try.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Reiki is: what do you feel? Every Reiki session is unique and unrepeatable, and so are the sensations experienced by the individual receiving this universal energyand the person that canalizes it. But, if I have learned something, is that regardless of what you feel during the session, this energy of love won’t leave you indifferent. Its effects can be so subtle and progressive that you may not notice them after some time, particularly as regards the emotional level. This energy acts as a mirror, bringing to the surface all your blockages. It is your responsibility to constantly work in your inner development.

Going back to the sensations, these can be physical, emotional and even visual. You may feel cold, heat, tingling, fulfillment, pressure, palpitations or complete relaxation. It is also possible that you visualize colours and images, and that random thoughts come to your mind. If I may give you an advice, welcome all the feelings and sensation that you experience and do not be afraid.

The therapist acts merely as a channel. The therapist does not use his/her energy, neither does he/she absorb your negative vibrations. Due to the fact that the canalization is based on the laying on of hands, the sensations usually emerge in that area. In my experience, I have felt cold, heat, tingling, magnetism, vibration and a moreor less intense energy flow. I have also visualized colours and images, and recurrent thoughts and ideas have become rooted in my mind.

What I usually do after each session is to talk briefly to the other person about the sensations and feelings we both have experienced and to try to relate said sensations to potential blockages, fears and insecurities. This interpreting process is directed by the fact that each part of our body contains chakras (vortex-shaped energetic centers). These chakras are associated with different attributes and colours. For example, the heart chakra is associated with the green colour and represents the emotions, compassion, balance and well-being.

Now I encourage you all to try it and build your own opinion about Reiki! Try our Reiki sessions making an appointment here!

  • Author: Christian Simón, Reiki therapist and administrator of Create&Share

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